Mmm Sprinkles…

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I’ve just finished another scarf for myself.  This time in Numma Numma Toasty, the color is called “Sprinkles For Stella” but this one is all me.  Just look at all those colors!  I used a 7.5dpi reed for this so the weave is looser and the fabric has more drape and squish (technical term here).

Have a great weekend!

Yarn And Fiber Everywhere

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I had a great time at Madrona, I am not going to post pics of the yarn and fiber I brought home with me because, well, it’s mine all mine and I am still petting it.

Here’s a pic that my friend Bonnie took of me in the mittens she knit for me. The pattern is called memento mori and I just love them!


And then I finally got around to doing some more weaving.

Here’s something for Angela:


And one for Abbe too!


Just had a very successful first week at a new job. I’m really enjoying myself there. It’s weird, the employees actually all LIKE to work there. It’s crazytown I tell ya!

Hope you all are having a good time too!