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Here’s a terrible picture of a lovely new wristlet I want to start making. The pattern is from an etsy seller who has so kindly granted the right to reproduce items for sale from her pattern!

I adore it in this retro tattoo flash fabric with fun and happy polka dots. I did the ruffles on both sides but it ended up kind of bulky that way so I think I’ll make a few variations before I start more for the shop.


The pattern seller’s etsy shop link is here, this one is the “Ruffle Wristlet”.


Tattoo Flash On My Top!

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Just finished an adorable ruffled top. It’s that fantastic tattoo flash fabric that I bought about 100 yards of several years ago. It’s gone now, sad sad sad. Funny though, most of the projects I made out of this never worked out quite right. Not that there weren’t plenty of chances, I purchased this fabric with the pink background (pictured), the tan AND the black background.

It’s also too bad that my new(ish) dressform is too large. Know anyone who wants to buy or trade for the right size?


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You see folks, what we have here is an apron for a 3 year old girl who is named Stella. It is made of embroidered vintage towelling and contemporary tattoo and day of the dead fabrics.

I looked into my 3 year old heart to see what it desires most, and this was there among the swingsets and monkey bars.

Garter Belt

Garter Belt
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Yes, I am aware of how incredibly awesome this garter belt is. It is totally reversible, one side is the badass tattoo flash print fabric, the other side is a supersweet day of the dead sugar skull fabric.

It laces up the back, and is quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever made. Maybe. My memory is only slightly untrustworthy on these things. Anyway, I love it. My plan is to make many more and make sure the world is a sexier place while I’m in it.

Tattoo Print Peplum Blouse

This vintage inspired peplum blouse is sexy and demure at the same time! The fabric is covered in tattoo flash and it’s a very flattering fit. It’s features short sleeves, and it’s pleated at the waist and shoulders for the perfect fit.

Measurements are: bust 38″, waist 30-32″, and it is 17″ from the back of the neck to the waist.

This is a very interesting fabric and it really works well in this retro style blouse. The fabric is 100% cotton and it has a hidden side zipper.

Sexy Tattoo Print Button Up Top

This handmade top is the cutest! The fabric is covered in tattoo flash and it’s a very flattering fit. It’s got short, puffed sleeves and it’s cut to show off just the right curves.

Measurements are: bust 38″, waist 30″, and it is 17″ from the back of the neck to the waist.

This is a very unique fabric and it really works with this style of blouse. The fabric is 100% cotton and the buttons are made of the same fabric as the blouse.

The Bag In Tattoo

This purse is great! It’s made of a fantastic tattoo print cotton and lined with a vintage feather print cotton. The handles are stunning, they’re are very large which gives the purse a nice wide opening for carrying larger items. The handles span 10″ wide by 6″ high.

This bag is large enough to accommodate knitting projects but
small enough to hold everyday items.

Bag measures: 16 1/2″, wide at the bottom, and 12″ tall not counting the attached handles.