Some New Bags

I’ve made some new bags for the shop and I just love them!  A couple of new larger boxes.

batgirl birds

And a couple of new Dr Who prints too.  Aren’t they fun?

Tardis Whos In Whoville

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.  It’s beautiful here in Portland!!


Just Weaving Around

If any of you follow my flickr stream, you’ve probably noticed the huge number of woven scarves each week. It turns out, last year I wove 45 scarves from March to December!

Most of them weren’t for me, but they didn’t make it to the shop very often either. You’ll see more of them here soon.

Lovely soft hipster scarf!

Scarf for Leanne, Blue Heron Rayon Worsted & WM Peppermint Prinz