A few new toys


I’ve been obsessed with making soft toys for the last few weeks.  I made 2 gorgeous hippos and have already been able to gift one to it’s new home.  It was hard to send it away, I will need to make one for myself eventually.

Just look at those faces!

Just look at those faces!

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And I made a giant slug for another small friend!


So much toy crafting going on!  I barely had time to finish this gorgeous woven scarf.  It’s made in Bugga and the color is “Painted Damsel”.


And finally, I made this bag several weeks ago.  I love the fabric, wish I could source more of the tattoo flash twill.


Happy crafting!


Kelpen Sweater


I just finished this little sweater the other day.  It’s a hybrid machine/hand knit and I used Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool.  I found myself surprised by how much the yarn softened up after a soak.  It’s a nice, simple sweater and I love the deep v in the back.  The pattern calls for little ties across the back but I’m on the fence as to whether that’s just extraneous string or not.

Ravelry project link

Contiguous It Is!


I started the pattern Driftwood last night, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try a new technique! I really like how the contiguous sleeves look and a set-in sleeve is more flattering for me.

My handspun is a bit heavier than the madtosh dk and dk twist but I think it will all work out in the end.



I also had some crafting time today. Knitting and beer, mmmmm.


What’s the most recent technique you learned? Hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather we’re having this weekend!

New Sweater Possibilities

I have the vaguest idea that these colors somehow go together, I’m picturing a stripey something or other.  What do you think?  Stripes of all including the handspun or is it too much yellow or blue?

I don’t have a style in mind really but with this kind of yardage I could do something big and squishy like Caramel, but would that be too bright for me?  Maybe I need something a little more streamlined?  I’m also interested in trying out the contiguous shoulder technique, I feel like set in sleeves are more flattering for me.

Perhaps something like these?

I really like the last one, Bergen St, but I doubt my patience to do the intarsia seam detail.  What do you think?