Roasting tomatoes

Mmm, just look at these will ya? 3 hours at 225 degrees with some garlic and olive oil and YUM!

Roasting Tomatoes


Mmm tomatoes.

I spent a few hours in the garden this morning. In the pouring rain. It was worth it.

I had let it get verrrry overgrown, and much had to be cut out.

Here’s a pic of the haul today, there are this many green and white tomatoes in the garden. White because they were so deep inside the mass of leaves that they got no light whatsoever.

the haul

My Bees!

It’s springtime in Portland and my bees are out again! They started coming out of hibernation a few weeks ago and they are out in force now and even starting to fill up their new house, yay!!


It’s time for the new garden!

The weather is so lovely today that we decided to build the new garden bed out back! We’re also going to combine the 2 smaller beds in front into one and just make it taller and put herbs and flowers in it. Nothing but vegetables in the back garden and it’s 6′ x 6′.

I planted seeds today, first time that I’ve started from seed, it’s a fun experiment to see what grows in the kitchen. Last year I spent about $80 in plants and got little to no yield from anything we planted. This way, I’ve spent about $30 total and I’m wayyy more invested in the whole endeavor.

What’s growing now? I planted beets, red carrots, swiss chard, 2 kinds fo tomatoes, brussel sprouts, lemon cucumber, green onions, basil, and cilantro. I also started some flower seeds; marigolds, coleus, dahlias, passionflower vines, and chinese lanterns.

Here’s hoping for a bountiful summer!


new bed

Green Pepper’s Delight!

It is coming to the end of my growing season here in Portland, but I did manage to harvest this lovely bunch of green peppers today after I got home from work.

I’ve got a some potted dahlias that are still doing really well, some nice spots of color on the cement patio. I think we’re going to move the raised garden bed to the back patio area next year as this is my 2nd year in a row of being a near total failure at the front garden. I’m hoping for more sun for my tomatoes next year, cross your fingers!

Some dahlias holding on.  Chicks-n-hens doing ok despite how they look.

sadness in the garden

We ended up loving our garden too much and I guess it gave our tomatoes Buckeye Rot. Sadly, I had to dispose of about 60% of our current crop. Of course it just started raining, so I’m not sure what’ll happen. They did have a few days to dry out once we realized what was happening, but I’m skeptical.

I guess it is possible to love your garden too much!

yeah it’s hot, but I have a garden!

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Wow, I forgot how much I love to grow food. It’s amazing the amount of pride I have in this small endeavor, and how much enjoyment I get out of seeing new growth everyday. The butternut squash seem to double each night. That’s awesome, unless you’re a sweet pepper and you’re trying to grow next to them. Yes, I planted too close I fear, and I’m not sure what I should do. Maybe just get a pot for the little pepper so that it may thrive!

This weekend I ate stuff that I had a hand in growing! I had minty sweet iced tea AND I made the lovely (and I do mean LOVELY) pizza in a cast iron pan pictured below. Ok so I’ve only been able to use herbs so far, but how cool is that? Ooh and I made a banana blueberry bread that was divine. The bananas had gone really far so they were nice and oily, and the blueberry gives it just the right tang. Yum!

P.S. Pizza in a cast iron pan might be the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.