Congratulations Ryan & Cecilia!

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Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom

They got married yesterday and it was lovely! The weather was perfect, the ceremony was lovely and the reception was off the hook, as is often the case with our friends. This one was super cool, The Mummies among others played their party. No joke, it was a real treat!

There are a few more pics in my flickr stream but none from the reception as I was distracted by the open bar. I love these 2, everyone had a wonderful time and I am so happy to have been included!


3 Weddings and a Birthday

wedding gift

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Last weekend we attended the last of the summer weddings in our circle of friends. They were all lovely, very lovely indeed. We also had a birthday in the middle of that which included a family dinner and a party with 4 screaming sugared-up 8 year olds. Wow. It was an experience I won’t forget soon.

The most recent wedding we attended was Jesse & Verena’s and it was followed by a ZOMBIE party! It was great, a couple of bands played and they had a makeup station in the basement. Check out my flickr for a few more pictures of zombies and such. Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t take very good nighttime pictures.

This photo is special to me because it is of the gift that D and I gave the bride and groom. The one with wings is Verena’s. Yes, the wings are on the mask and not her feet, but it still reminds me of Mercury. I’m just glad I have friends who actually appreciate this sort of strangeness.

Triple the fun!

Just finished these adorable aprons for the triplets. They turn 4 tomorrow, can you believe it? No, it is not possible.

The pattern is from, the link is here. Her patterns are amazing. I’ve made 2 of her Emmeline patterns and I’m using every ounce of restraint I have not to buy the new Lola one and her messenger bag patterns. Enjoy the links to her fantastic tutorials too!


cute lil sweeeeeeeater

How much do I love knitting? Lots. Here’s what I’m working on now. It’s an Anthropologie Inspired Capelet but for a 10 year old. It’s out of fluffy Jiffy yarn, acrylic, but it’s for a kid so it’s gotta be washable. Please notice the adorable puffed sleeves and the cute vintage button closure. Yay!

Party Time? Excellent?

Si! Si, it is nearly party time! Birthday party time, that is! We are just 2 short days away from my 35th birthday and it’s starting to be exciting for me! Dinner will be fun because my birthday is one of the few times I get to pressure people to drink tequila and they HAVE TO DO IT! Mind you, I won’t pressure them to drink crappy tequila. Oh noes.

As if for my birthday, Kate Beaton made this lovely comic. Ok not really for my birthday because she doesn’t know who I am other than some random emailer from Portland, OR. But still, a girl can dream right? It’s not important WHO this is for, just that there are others out there who find Mr. Darcy as dreamy as I do. Audrey?


Science PieDay

Alright, so I didn’t use vodka in the crust as I’d planned, but isn’t all baking really just tasty science? This particular strawberry rhubarb pie just might be the most delicious pie I have ever baked. Real.

In other news, fake moustaches are great! So is this beautiful sunny day we’re having here in rainytown, I mean Portland OR.