Welcome Home Archie

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We decided to adopt another dog on Halloween. His name is Archie and he’s settling in nicely.


Here he is with Poppy, aren’t they cute together?


this is why we can’t have nice things anymore

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Dear cat and dog,

Why oh why must you insist on soiling any and every nice thing I bring home? Is your esteem so low that you can’t even allow yourself to live in nice, clean surroundings? That wool rug never did anything to you, I’m certain of that. Perhaps you enjoy the idea of adding to the nation’s landfill issues? The lovely wool rug that I had to cut in order to remove is now residing in the garbage can out front. This is one battle you have won, but the war is not over and I’m watching you. I’m watching you both. Also, you’re grounded.


Hi Chico, it’s me.

You want the good news or the bad news first.
(Blank stare, tail wag)
Ok the good news. Good news is I’m just going to go across the street for a minute.
(Blank stare, tail wag)
Bad news is, it’s happy hour.
(Tail stops wagging magically)
Sorry buddy, you’re the best.



Oh. My. Gawd! Funny. Right now I’m watching my dog bark his head off at my brother. Not much has EVER been funnier. Except for maybe earlier tonight when my own dog tried to chew my arm off in front of everyone. That was funny too. Rawk on Chico!