Excuse me, you look beautiful today


I was so pleased to find the Cape Kiwanda cream ale this afternoon. Reminds me of last summer in Pacific City.

Such a lovely time.

Such a lovely place.

Bottoms up!


lovely day photos

Lunch today was delicious. Montage. Smoked cheddar w/chicken, Rainier beer and a side of tomatoes. Yes, I live on the edge.
Also, I got my camera back and have a few new pics of the garden, and last but not least, check out these vicious vicious beasts!

Party Time? Excellent?

Si! Si, it is nearly party time! Birthday party time, that is! We are just 2 short days away from my 35th birthday and it’s starting to be exciting for me! Dinner will be fun because my birthday is one of the few times I get to pressure people to drink tequila and they HAVE TO DO IT! Mind you, I won’t pressure them to drink crappy tequila. Oh noes.

As if for my birthday, Kate Beaton made this lovely comic. Ok not really for my birthday because she doesn’t know who I am other than some random emailer from Portland, OR. But still, a girl can dream right? It’s not important WHO this is for, just that there are others out there who find Mr. Darcy as dreamy as I do. Audrey?



Hi Chico, it’s me.

You want the good news or the bad news first.
(Blank stare, tail wag)
Ok the good news. Good news is I’m just going to go across the street for a minute.
(Blank stare, tail wag)
Bad news is, it’s happy hour.
(Tail stops wagging magically)
Sorry buddy, you’re the best.


total eclipse of the sloe gin fizz

Last night was a delightful lunar eclipse, this picture came from the internet as I was not able to view it myself due to being asleep. I shoulda stayed up to view it with the cute squirrels, oh well. For my belated birthday I would like approximately one of them.

Tried a sloe gin fizz for the first time last night, that was great. Was compared to: (me) sweet tarts, (aaron) bottlecaps, (caleb) some other kind of candy that i can’t actually recall now. Yummy.



I think that I would like to build a distillery in my apartment. I don’t know exactly what that entails and I’m pretty sure that it’s more than I can actually tackle, but I have the best name for my heidi brand liquor!!

Giant massive killing robot tequila

It’s good, no? Well back to Footballer’s Wives. So wrong, yet so right.

last night’s highlights

Highlight from last night’s show.

Me smacking a strange (unknown) man on the ass.

Nice. Also, I think I remember why I don’t drink whiskey anymore. It’s straight back to the loving arms of tequila for this monkey.