Some new stuff in the shop

I’ve finished a couple of gorgeous new scarves and a cute bag, have a look!

Trick or Treat Handspun Gradient Scarf Retro Rascals!


Some fibery endeavors

I’ve been spinning away like crazy lately, here are some of my latest darlings.

This first skein is about 700 yards of worsted weight yarn.  It is one ply of SCF polwarth from a club offering, and the 2nd ply is mixed from all my leftover ends.  Looks like a lot of blues and earth tones which went really well with the SCF.

Bits and Bobs


This next pic is a large 640 yard skein of fingering weight polwarth navajo plied.  The smaller skein is 160 yards of 2ply fingering weight.  Great colors from BMFA.BMFA Nply

This pic is about 1400 yards of a worsted/aran undyed merino.  Very squishy and I can’t wait to knit this one up!

SQ of merino

And this last pic is something I did for my friend Nikki.  It is about 560 yards of 3ply merino, fingering weight for some socks.

Nikkis 3ply

I’ve also done some weaving lately but spinning is mostly where it’s at for me right now.  Hope you’re having a crafty summer!


Some Pics From New Orleans

I thought I’d share a few pictures from our recent trip to New Orleans.  It was so beautiful and crazy, that city is just nuts!  The food was so good, I ate one of everything everywhere we went.  And the drinks weren’t too bad either barring that one little stumble down Bourbon St where everything was bad.

First off, a beautiful townhouse in the French Quarter.  Retail on the ground level and living spaces on top.  Our tour guide said that the rent on those apartments is between 7 and 12K a month!!


A bronze statue of Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square near our hotel.  Such a pretty park in a really lovely part of the F.Q.


Creole cottages.  My favorite of all the architecture we saw, aren’t they so cute?


More beautiful architecture with that lovely wrought iron that is everywhere.


And we took a boat tour through the Honey Island Swamp.  Our guide picked us up at our hotel and drove us through different parts of the city, most all still damaged from Katrina, and out to Slidell.

The water looks dirty but it’s actually just brown from the tannic acid in the vegetation.  We saw gigantic mansions right next to tiny swamp shacks.  Lots of places that you could only get to by boat, people cleaning catfish off of their docks, kids on rope swings, it looked like a good time.  Our guide said that it was perfectly safe to swim in the water because the alligators are more afraid of us than we are of them.  We didn’t see any gators where the houses were, they were up the river a ways away from people.


And gators, loads of them.  Mostly smaller 4-6 feet long females but one 12 foot male.  HUGE!  You can see that our tour guide was feed them bits of hot dog off of a not so long stick.  Look how close they get to the boat!!

IMG_0801 IMG_0816 IMG_0817

And on our last day of the trip we visited the St Louis No.1 Cemetery.  It is the oldest of the many cemeteries in New Orleans and we had a really informative tour guide, lots of interesting facts about burials and the like.

Many famous people are buried there including Marie Laveau.  Her tomb was pretty desecrated, our guide said the xxx’s are from people making wishes on her tomb.  Our guide is also a member of the group Save Our Cemeteries and she spends time cleaning that and other tombs of graffiti and other markings.

IMG_0834 IMG_0843 IMG_0858

It was a lovely trip, very hot and humid but what did we expect, right?  I’d go back in a minute but probably not stay in the French Quarter next time as there is so much to see and do outside of that small area of town.  I miss the beignets already.


No news is good news right?

Well that’s not entirely true, but I don’t have much news yet BUT we are going to New Orleans next week for my 40th.  Can’t wait!!  The food, the booze, the music, the everything!!

My serger just broke both needles and tried to shoot one into my eye, I think that’s a sign that we all need a vacation.  The shop will be closed through June, have a great month everyone, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures in NoLa.

In the meantime, enjoy this painting I found online.  It’s by a New Orleans artist, DIane Millsap.  Her site is here, have a look around.

twilight in New Orleans

A few new toys


I’ve been obsessed with making soft toys for the last few weeks.  I made 2 gorgeous hippos and have already been able to gift one to it’s new home.  It was hard to send it away, I will need to make one for myself eventually.

Just look at those faces!

Just look at those faces!

h4 h5 h6

And I made a giant slug for another small friend!


So much toy crafting going on!  I barely had time to finish this gorgeous woven scarf.  It’s made in Bugga and the color is “Painted Damsel”.


And finally, I made this bag several weeks ago.  I love the fabric, wish I could source more of the tattoo flash twill.


Happy crafting!