Contiguous It Is!


I started the pattern Driftwood last night, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try a new technique! I really like how the contiguous sleeves look and a set-in sleeve is more flattering for me.

My handspun is a bit heavier than the madtosh dk and dk twist but I think it will all work out in the end.



I also had some crafting time today. Knitting and beer, mmmmm.


What’s the most recent technique you learned? Hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather we’re having this weekend!

New Sweater Possibilities

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I have the vaguest idea that these colors somehow go together, I’m picturing a stripey something or other.  What do you think?  Stripes of all including the handspun or is it too much yellow or blue?

I don’t have a style in mind really but with this kind of yardage I could do something big and squishy like Caramel, but would that be too bright for me?  Maybe I need something a little more streamlined?  I’m also interested in trying out the contiguous shoulder technique, I feel like set in sleeves are more flattering for me.

Perhaps something like these?

I really like the last one, Bergen St, but I doubt my patience to do the intarsia seam detail.  What do you think?