Shirts Into Shirts


I have been wanting to make some new shirts for non-work related activities but haven’t had the time or funds to purchase the required knit fabric. D was kind enough to clean out his tshirt shelves yesterday and I walked away with 16 beauties! Most all are bike or liquor shirts, so they’re perfect of course!

The first is a vintage vodka shirt with sleeves from a bike shop shirt.

Vodka Shirt: The First

Next up is a 2007 Portland Soapbox Derby shirt with ridiculous orange cheetohs sleeves.

Soapbox Derby 2007: The 2nd

And finally, my favorite, D’s old Joey Dunlop shirt. One of his favorites that was just too big, too ratty and too yellowed. I did a soak in some baking soda and brightened them up a bit and cut them to fit and had a great time while making them.

Yer Man: The 3rd

Pattern: Vogue 8670, love it! I’ll definitely make more. They key is to make sure that the tshirt is several times too large for your size in the pattern as we’re not simply refashioning an existing shirt, but rather using it as fabric to cut a new one out.


Good Ole Fabric Depot

I decided that Mom needed some new pillowcases for her treatment. I wanted to make sure they were extra soft since her hair might be coming out soon and she loves shabby chic.

My local Fabric Depot has the best selection of cotton prints that I can ever find locally. I picked up some Free Spirit and Westminster Prints for her new cases.

The 2 matching ones will match her bedspread and the pink and green one matches the guest room.

Hope she loves them!

Pillowcases for Mom.

Just Weaving Around

If any of you follow my flickr stream, you’ve probably noticed the huge number of woven scarves each week. It turns out, last year I wove 45 scarves from March to December!

Most of them weren’t for me, but they didn’t make it to the shop very often either. You’ll see more of them here soon.

Lovely soft hipster scarf!

Scarf for Leanne, Blue Heron Rayon Worsted & WM Peppermint Prinz