Congratulations Ryan & Cecilia!

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Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom

They got married yesterday and it was lovely! The weather was perfect, the ceremony was lovely and the reception was off the hook, as is often the case with our friends. This one was super cool, The Mummies among others played their party. No joke, it was a real treat!

There are a few more pics in my flickr stream but none from the reception as I was distracted by the open bar. I love these 2, everyone had a wonderful time and I am so happy to have been included!


Let’s Get Some Shoos, Let’s Party


Shooooos? Check.
Now where’s that party anyway? It’s gotta be around here somewhere!

My new fluevogs.  It is love!

These are my new Fluevogs. They are the Alli boot and I adore them. Get them here if you want, but you can’t have these ones because they’re mine all mine and I imagine I’ll be wearing them all weekend. Even if it’s 100deg.