It’s time for the new garden!

The weather is so lovely today that we decided to build the new garden bed out back! We’re also going to combine the 2 smaller beds in front into one and just make it taller and put herbs and flowers in it. Nothing but vegetables in the back garden and it’s 6′ x 6′.

I planted seeds today, first time that I’ve started from seed, it’s a fun experiment to see what grows in the kitchen. Last year I spent about $80 in plants and got little to no yield from anything we planted. This way, I’ve spent about $30 total and I’m wayyy more invested in the whole endeavor.

What’s growing now? I planted beets, red carrots, swiss chard, 2 kinds fo tomatoes, brussel sprouts, lemon cucumber, green onions, basil, and cilantro. I also started some flower seeds; marigolds, coleus, dahlias, passionflower vines, and chinese lanterns.

Here’s hoping for a bountiful summer!


new bed