Sittin Knittn Mittens

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I finally got season 1 of True Blood from the library so I’ve been watching badly acted southern vampires for a couple of days. I managed to finish a few items, and I really want to show off this mitten. It’s not lined yet, not sure if I will, and yes there’s only one so far. Hopefully I’ll finish its mate before the end of winter here.

It’s made from a Fiddlehead Mitten kit from Tanis Fiber Arts and I must say how much I love using their yarn. It’s the yellow line DK and it’s really nice to knit with.


Knitting for babies.

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Well, this hat is anyway. It will look familiar to some of you in a few days, but I couldn’t resist making her pose! I hope it’s not too stretched out now.

Also, please note that she is holding actual knitting in her own hand as well! Yup, I’ve converted another one.