“Maybe I am a muskecholo. Or a choloteer.”



Green Pepper’s Delight!

It is coming to the end of my growing season here in Portland, but I did manage to harvest this lovely bunch of green peppers today after I got home from work.

I’ve got a some potted dahlias that are still doing really well, some nice spots of color on the cement patio. I think we’re going to move the raised garden bed to the back patio area next year as this is my 2nd year in a row of being a near total failure at the front garden. I’m hoping for more sun for my tomatoes next year, cross your fingers!

Some dahlias holding on.  Chicks-n-hens doing ok despite how they look.

3 Weddings and a Birthday

wedding gift

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Last weekend we attended the last of the summer weddings in our circle of friends. They were all lovely, very lovely indeed. We also had a birthday in the middle of that which included a family dinner and a party with 4 screaming sugared-up 8 year olds. Wow. It was an experience I won’t forget soon.

The most recent wedding we attended was Jesse & Verena’s and it was followed by a ZOMBIE party! It was great, a couple of bands played and they had a makeup station in the basement. Check out my flickr for a few more pictures of zombies and such. Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t take very good nighttime pictures.

This photo is special to me because it is of the gift that D and I gave the bride and groom. The one with wings is Verena’s. Yes, the wings are on the mask and not her feet, but it still reminds me of Mercury. I’m just glad I have friends who actually appreciate this sort of strangeness.

What is the deal here, anyway?


I must vent. I am so tired of working here. Everyone who works here is so unhappy that they can’t even possibly be kind to the other people who work here, who they see every day. I would just like to go to work and see a smile every once in awhile.

I am grateful to have a job, but what is the cost?