On a sofa with wheels

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Last weekend, D and I took a trip to to Eastern Oregon on a borrowed Harley Davidson Ultra Glide. It was beautiful and comfortable and wonderful. Probably the best way to have my first long-ish trip en moto. It really was like riding on a sofa with wheels.

I wish I could say that my lack of photos is due to the fact that the camera fell into a toilet in Condon (it did), but that just wouldn’t be true. I was enjoying myself so much that I found it impossible to tear myself away from the moment to try and capture it.

There were a lot of interesting and beautiful moments, most of which deserved to be captured on film, but they are destined to remain in our memories. I did manage to take 2 pictures of us in Ukiah as we were stopped at a park drinking Cheladas in a can and whiskey in a bottle.

D & I In Ukiah, OR

Store Update!

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I’ve been a busy worker bee the last few days. My new favorite thing to make are these lovely wallet style circular knitting needle cases. I’ve got a few up in the store and I plan to make a few more this week as well.

Heidimonkey’s Etsy Shop.

They have lots of pockets inside and will fit nicely inside a project bag. I think these would be great for storage and especially for travel!!

2 circs
dot circ 2
How about this vintage fabric? Isn’t it sweet?
vintage circ 1

Oh yeah, and I’ve been doing a bit of spinning between working on needle cases and other projects. The birth of a rainbow as D calls it.
a rainbow is born