Peanut butter and other delights

I just wanted to post one last time for June. My posts this month were all shop/knitting for others related if I remember right. That’s funny because this was a big month for me, I turned 36!

We had a great big wonderful party but I forgot to put anyone in charge of photos. I guess we’ll just have to have the party again to prove it really happened!

I promise that life isn’t actually empty or boring, but it’s hard to write about the moment to moment things that happen. Like T singing the “hungry doggies morphing breeds” song to me as I type this right now. Funny as hell, hard to describe so you can get it. Kids rapping? Awesome!



Feather & Fan Socks

Feather & Fan Socks

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This just in: finished another pair of socks. This pair took a whopping 13 days to complete. Love them.

At first I didn’t like the color of the yarn (Yarn Pirate, Merino Tencel, “I Want Candy”), but it has such a nice hand it completely won me over by the end of the project. It’s very soft, slightly shiny as it has slight tencel content. Gorgeous!