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Vegas Resinated

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It’s time for the February giveaway! It’s a lovely resin bracelet I’ve made. The images are all reminiscent of “Ye Olde Vegas”. Excuse the bad picture, I have such a hard time photographing jewelry.

To win, enter a comment telling me about something you’d like to see on the website. Oh yeah, sorry but for United States address only at this time.



Quite possibly the funniest ever

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Did anyone read the Onion this morning? This might be the funniest thing I’ve read since “Quantum Slacks.”

From this article in The Onion


Action Figure Fights On Despite Loss Of Dragon Sword

SETH’S BEDROOM—With the dreaded skeleton people closing in on him and the carpet suddenly turning into red-hot lava before his very eyes, local action figure Huntarr the Warrior vowed to fight on Thursday despite the loss of his cherished dragon sword.
Enlarge Image Savage Sword

Huntarr has vowed not to rest until bedtime.

“I won’t surrender!” shouted the 8-inch plastic toy, before bobbing across the bedroom floor, stopping to perform the splits for no discernable reason, and continuing on toward a nearby chair. “I’m Huntarr! You skeleton people will never make a slave out of me!”

“Swoosh-swoosh-swoosh,” the action figure added while carrying out nearly 20 consecutive back flips.

Huntarr—known for his superhuman strength, his unrelenting courage in battle, and his ability to fly and then become invisible and then turn into like a ball so that nobody can see him—has faced similar challenges in the past.

Earlier this week, the action figure was confronted by an estimated 10 million sea serpents from outer space, while on Sunday, Huntarr was forced to square off against the evil mad scientist Dr. Robert Scientist. To date, the fearless warrior’s greatest trial remains the time he was nearly sold at a local garage sale.

That is, until the loss of his dragon sword today.

“I don’t have my sword, but I still have my karate,” announced Huntarr, who hails from the deepest tracts of the Amazon jungle, yet is somehow versed in Eastern martial arts. “You can’t stop me! I am more powerful than the most powerful man on earth, who is me.”
Enlarge Image Sword

The vanquished sword

“And Seth’s dad,” continued the action figure, referring to certified tax accountant Howard Silverman. “He’s pretty strong, too.”

According to sources, Huntarr battled the skeleton people for nearly 25 minutes, using a variety of kicks, violent head butts, punches that sounded very close in pitch to futuristic ray guns, a wooden spoon, and, during one covert operation fought at the kitchen table, the multiplication table for the number three.

The assault is reportedly Huntarr’s most vicious since he attacked a Dream Van full of defenseless Barbie dolls, some of them nude at the time.

“Give up now, skeleton people, or I’ll make you do your chores,” the chiseled jungle warrior threatened while continuously leaping from one foot to the other to emphasize his point. “And you’ll be mad because you’re tired and you don’t like cleaning up!”

Responding to the threat of having to make the bed, the leader of the skeleton people finally admitted defeat Thursday.

“Please stop—I think you broke my head,” cried the skeleton leader, slowly raising both arms, the left arm with some difficulty, in a show of surrender. “Let’s be friends! I want to be friends!”

After a few seconds of deliberation, Huntarr reportedly agreed to a pact with his longtime foe, though he stated that by becoming friends, the leader of the skeleton people had to pick him first at dodgeball from now on, and couldn’t tease him anymore about the time he threw up during recess.

Also, Huntarr said, the leader of the skeleton people had to let the brazen warrior play with his toys when he brought them to school.

“I saved the earth!” cried the victorious action figure. “Let’s eat cheese pizza now!”

As of press time, Huntarr had once again won out over the forces of evil, and after collecting a handsome reward of $5, rested facedown on the ground, where many speculate he will remain until early tomorrow morning.

Old Ts = New Panties!


This morning I decided to delve deep into my pile of grody tshirts and fold over elastic and made these:


I bought the fold over elastic on ebay from seller Hobovian here. It was a good price for the quantity I wanted to start with, I bought 10 yards each of 4 different colors. I also used some elastic I picked up a Fabric Depot awhile ago. Bright green 1/2″ non roll and some fancy orange ruffled stuff, you can see both of these on the pink leopard spotted pair.

The fold over elastic pretty self-explanatory but incase you haven’t used it before, here’s a link to Angry Chicken’s tutorial which is definitely helpful.

I just cut apart a pair of old panties that had been washed with crayons last week (thanks Thomski!) and made a new pattern from them. They were cut from an old Epoxies tshirt and I believe the pattern was originally from this link on

They end up looking big, but trust me the pattern is perfect for some slightly cheeky, full coverage underpants. I’m going to work on some silky ones next. Yay!