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melanie |

That is very pretty. Thank you for the chance to win.

=) melanie
melanieadey at xxxxxxx dot com

I’ll be sending an email to Melanie next but don’t be sad if you didn’t win because I will host one of these next month too! Be sure to sign up to have my blog delivered to your inbox so that you don’t miss out on next month’s excellent giveaway and thanks so much for playing!


Twill Gardening Apron

This gardening apron is tough and cute, made in an great blue and white print on a very dark brown, almost black, background.

It features four 5″ pockets across the front, and it’s 8″ long by 20″ wide. The waistband is 2″ wide poly webbing with a heavy duty buckle for security. The total length of the waistband and tie is 43″ so this is going to fit a variety of shapes and sizes and still be cute and functional.




Retro Gal In Vintage Pink Floral Twill

This lovely half apron is made of a vintage floral twill fabric. It’s the same fabric I made my toolbelt out of a few years ago, and it’s just lovely.

This new design features extra long ties so that they can wrap around your waist and tie in front if you’d like. The fabric is very heavy duty, but still pretty.

Notice the piping detail around the pocket!

Measures 18″ long, 21″ wide at top and with a 45″ flounce at the bottom. The waistband and ties total 89″ so this is going to fit a wide variety of sizes and be cute on everyone.


Sold out!

Gorgeous Glass Bird Pendant Giveaway!


I am so thrilled that avian art has made a comeback. It makes for some of the most gorgoeus jewelry, like this beautiful pendant. It features a vintage bus ticket and an enameled metal bird under glass.

It is 1 1/2″ wide and 1 1/4″ long, and has double rings that attach to a ribbon for wearing.

Lovely vintage components to this fantastic modern pendant.

Like it? Leave a comment here about something you like on my site to be entered in a drawing for this pendant and a special surprise! Winner will be drawn on Saturday, January 31st, 2009 sometime around 9pm. I’ll notify the winner via email so please make sure to include your contact information.

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Just another thing Huey Lewis & I have in common.

We both wear Otican hearing aids. Yes, it’s true. Yesterday I had another Dr appt, this one with an audiologist, and it was determined that my “significant hearing loss” in the left ear made me an excellent candidate for a hearing aid. It’s the tiniest thing ever and it’s made of magic. I can hear out of both ears now, it’s sort of like I was wearing one earmuff for 10 years and then someone took it off. And charged me $1500.

The hearing aid I got is really fancy, you can tell because the Dr. can change the external color of the device. Of course I want the leopard print one, but you can’t even see the thing when I’m wearing it so I’m pretty sure I could use the extra hundred somewhere else. Like paying for the device in the first place.

Check it out! My model is the Delta, in a lovely champagne (read: beige) and apparently it’s all the rage for the hard-of-hearing aging rocker. Yes that’s right kids: wear your goddamn earplugs, alright? If you don’t wear them now you to can be wearing one of these babies at 35.

See how small?Want this color, of course.