Yes, that’s right. Last weekend I went camping with D and the kids and I rode motorcycles for the first time in my life ever! First I rode (and crashed at low speed) the peewee 50, this was much fun. Safety being 3rd most important, I was wearing shorts and a tshirt because, well, how fast can you go on one of those anyway? Fast enough to fall over, that’s for sure. Got some lovely bruises on my legs from that one.

Then the next day I got some quick lessons from D and Berkeley and rode Maggie’s dirtbike around the campsite and some trails. At one point (and this is the fun part kids) I missed a turn back to the campsite and ended up on a different trail. Got stuck in the mud, and then just as the cavalry arrived, I did a wheelie UP A TREE! Luckily there were witnesses to this. In fact, when asked what Thomski thought of my wheelie he said, “It was kind of small.” Really? Seriously Thomas, I rode a motorcycle UP A TREE! What does it take to impress kids these days anyway?

I loved every bit of it, even during the crashes I was laughing hysterically because the amount of fun is out of control. Must. Get. Dirtbike.

More pics from this trip on flickr if you’re so inclined. FLICKR