yeah it’s hot, but I have a garden!

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Wow, I forgot how much I love to grow food. It’s amazing the amount of pride I have in this small endeavor, and how much enjoyment I get out of seeing new growth everyday. The butternut squash seem to double each night. That’s awesome, unless you’re a sweet pepper and you’re trying to grow next to them. Yes, I planted too close I fear, and I’m not sure what I should do. Maybe just get a pot for the little pepper so that it may thrive!

This weekend I ate stuff that I had a hand in growing! I had minty sweet iced tea AND I made the lovely (and I do mean LOVELY) pizza in a cast iron pan pictured below. Ok so I’ve only been able to use herbs so far, but how cool is that? Ooh and I made a banana blueberry bread that was divine. The bananas had gone really far so they were nice and oily, and the blueberry gives it just the right tang. Yum!

P.S. Pizza in a cast iron pan might be the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.
pizza, oregano & basil from my garden!
06 28 squash
look at the size of those plants!
06 28


One thought on “yeah it’s hot, but I have a garden!

  1. cast iron pizza is possibly the most delicious thing on earth. i’m making one tonight, in fact.

    your garden looks phenominal! oh, if it weren’t for hail!! mine’s coming back. i love checking on it every day.

    so soon, so far! tomatoes are on their way!!!

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