Happy Birthday Joe!

I am pretty sure she won’t be reading my blog this morning before her party, so here’s a shot of what I made for Joe’s birthday! Lovely set made from a vintage crystal necklace that was uber-boring at first. It’s now an 18″ multi-layered necklace with sparrow accent and matching bracelet and earrings. Gnome model not included.



dirty dirt n garden beds

Yay! I get to have a garden this year! A very sweet person has given up some space in his front yard AND gone to the trouble to build and fill 2 lovely raised garden beds for me!

This year’s lineup will include:
TONS of tomatoes (cross your fingers!), both cherry and large sizes
hot thai peppers
some lovely red flowers, can’t recall their type
yellow squash

There are several other things I’ve either purchased and forgotten or mean to purchase and plant soon. Want to get these things into the ground and see what it looks like first. If it weren’t so wet outside I’d probably be elbow deep in the garden right now! But, alas, it is most likely too wet to even get started as I’ll have to finish filling the beds and such, don’t want to drown the little plants on the first day, right?


the dirt goes in the beds

Time to recycle

I don’t know if any of you saw my outfit yesterday, but the giant lavender pajama shirt used to be a fitted dress shirt. About the time I realized how slovenly I looked, even while wearing a freshly ironed shirt, I decided that something must be done. My entire work wardrobe is too big, I guess I’ll have to shop. But while I’m waiting for a windfall of cash with which to do this shopping, I think I’ll do some recycle-sewing.

Last night, I turned a gigantic floral dress shirt into this, with a little help from some cotton allover eyelet. Next time I do this I’ll take before pictures I think. I love this pattern, it’s from Burdastyle which is an opensource pattern site, and it’s the “Susan” blouse, number 6001. The only thing I’d do different is make a separate buttonhole band, or even reuse the one from the first shirt so that the eyelets don’t make wonky buttonholes.