thanks for sharing.

Where did this bizarre compulsion to share every detail come from? One day I’m normal, sort of, and the next I want to share everything. New ideas, thoughts, concepts, wardrobe choices (seriously?), lolcats, everything.

I guess it happened for the world sometime around the invention of the internet, but for me, well I guess I’m a late bloomer. I should probably spare some of the world and just buy a notepad, you know, the anablog. That is so much less appealing to me though.

I lie, I know at exactly what point I decided that I wanted to start sharing the information, but how do I determine what is necessary and what is simply annoying? That’s the best part, I’ve got the will to start but not the will to ask when to stop. Nice. Well, luckily for me, no one reads this, so it’ll be up to me to determine and in the end I can only hope to make the right choice.

Until then, sorry. Hope you can stand it.

Please enjoy this katebeatoncomic. All of her comics are radtastic. Her hair is especially lovely, and her comics drawn in paint are the best ever.