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Finished my Emmeline apron today. I just love this fabric, the colors, the print, the texture. And such a cute apron. Too bad you can’t tell on my dressform as she’s 2 sizes too large. I oughtta do something about that…

Sorry, this one’s not for sale as it’s not my design. Thanks though!


bye bye flickr pro OR pandering for gifts

Well, it seems that my flickr pro account is about to expire. I know! The outrage. After the 27th, you will only be able to see my most recent 100 photos, which, I assure you, are not nearly as interesting as the first 729. If anyone feels like giving a gift of flickr pro, it’s $24.95, my flickr id is heidimonkey, and here’s how:

If there is someone, anyone out there who doesn’t have $24.95 but wants to donate towards the flickr pro renewal, I have paypal and would accept a cash gift of up to $24.95 to

concert fun times!


Last night I had the pleasure of taking a friend’s sister to see her very first concert! Yes, 14 year old Janie got to see 30 seconds of The Donnas and all of The Hives at the Roseland!!

That’s what she gets for hanging out with old people who forgot that all ages shows actually do start when they say they will sometimes.

I am saddened that she only saw half a song of The Donnas, at least she got to see a fantastic guitar solo by Donna Whatever, the guitar player one.

I think she had a good time, I even got her to got near the mosh pit, right behind me of course. Yes, I even touched disgusting sweaty teenagers to keep her from getting crushed. Eww.

woman hit crossing hawthorne


well, i just witnessed a woman get hit by a car. she is a woman i know, she lives in my neighborhood. she was walking across the street with her little dog in her arms, and a car hit her. she flew over the hood of the car. the look on her face as she was hit will haunt me for awhile i think. she looked right at me as we were about to acknowledge each other (I think?) or maybe I’m imagining it. and then she got hit by the car. it was probably going at LEAST 30 mph.

she will be ok, the paramedics said. i saw her breathe and heard her speak. but for a brief brief moment when she wasn’t breathing and i was on the phone with 911 i was so afraid.

now i’m just shellshocked, and afraid to cross my street.

02/15/08 9:43 update–Lily, the dog wasn’t found last night as far as I know. Myself and several others looked for him for hours. He’s a tiny black chihuahua and I’m hoping someone’s got him safe and sound by now. I walked around for a couple of hours looking for him but didn’t see any sign of the little guy. I’m worried, but trying to be hopeful.

I did get confirmation that she (the woman who was hit) is alive, so that’s good. Not sure about the extent of her injuries, but she’s alive. I’m not going to write her name because I don’t really know her well enough to do so.

MrsBenFolds, that was me standing over her, i was so scared for her. It makes me never want to get behind the wheel of a car again. I just don’t think people are careful enough. At all.

awesome sweater wip

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My super cool and much awaited 28thirty sweater (by zephyr style) is nearly done. Well the body anyway. A few more inches for this cropped body and then it’s the loooong sleeves, some buttons, and voila! Beauty in the form of a sweater!!

Gorgeous Glass Bird Pendant

I am so thrilled that avian art has made a comeback. It makes for some of the most gorgoeus jewelry, like this beautiful pendant. It features a vintage bus ticket and an enameled metal bird under glass.

It is 1 1/2″ wide and 1 1/4″ long, and has double rings that attach to a 20″ ball chain.

Lovely vintage components to this fantastic modern pendant.