end of wardrobe refashion, for now

It is just past my 2 month pledge not to purchase any “disposable clothing” and I’d say I did pretty well. I only had to make one item (which I did not even wear) which proves I have more than enough clothing as it is. I also got rid of at least two bags of clothing over the last two months and I see more leaving in my future. I did purchase a few items at thrift stores, a few tops that I’ve worn several times each already but that was well within the boundaries of the pledge.

What I did purchase last weekend, which is not within the boundaries of the pledge, is a lovely wool coatdress from Mink (the great shop across the street from my house). I’ll be wearing it this weekend and every weekend until I’m too sweaty for wool.

I’m really glad I did the Wardrobe Refashion thing, it helped make me much more mindful of shopping in general, not just for myself, and I think I’ve got some new habits I can keep. Temperance can be so boring.


sweater nearly done

My v neck fitted tee is nearly complete. Just needs some adorable sleeves and it’s good to go. Not an awesome photo, but my arms are not that long and in the absence of a helper…this is the best you get.

I’ll ask for help next time I see another person.

strange dreams

Alright, so I’m home visiting my family. that baby niece is still awesome, go MAXX! Loads of photos to follow. Just as soon as I finish this pack of Guinness.

What a strange weekend, all the family exposure has left me edgy and on guard. While visiting my father earlier, my sister in law and brother were bickering for what felt like 4 days. (Actual time 1.5 days) I finally snapped, set down my Busch Ice beer and knitting and demanded that they stop bickering immediately. I was flashing back to some friends in Portland who fight like that in front of ANYONE at ANY time and it really bugs me. Fine, a truce was called and we’re all doing fine right?

I send my brother out for beer and he and Lindsey get me a lovely pack of Guinness just as requested, and a GIGANTIC Christmas basket from the smelly girly soapy store. Now I feel sort of like a boob for yelling at them, but isn’t that what the holidays are all about? Uncomfortable situations with people you’re related to? I love them, and Im thankful for them.

Hey, at least it wasn’t like last time where it took me about 45 minutes before I became seriously annoyed with my mom. SRSLY.

In other news, I’m feeling strangely heartsick for no apparent reason. Like, seriously, SRSLY heartsick. Stomach hurts sometimes, wanna cry but don’t. I don’t get it. Nothing traumatic has happened to me lately, unless you count the strange dreams I’ve been having. Something in the cosmos is happening that affects me, I just don’t know what it is yet. A butterfly landed on a tree somewhere, and it’s causing tidal waves for me.

At least there’s Guinness.


11:35pm update: awesome breakdown with mom and sister in law. Cooking shows + Guinness + girls = healing. I never thought I would miss snow and negative temperatures this much.