I got a chance to see the Body Worlds exhibit at OMSI today, lucky because it’s actually closing next weekend. In fact, there are several things I thought I would have surely seen by now and are all but over. Golden Age of Dutch Art anyone? Anyway, saw some scary cool stuff. There were so many black lungs there, I don’t even want to hang out at the smoky bars not smoking with my smoker friends. I didn’t want to anyway, but now I REALLY don’t want too. Also, cirrhosis of the liver is really disgusting and the appendix starts out really very tiny. I think my favorite part of the exhibit was the woman with all of the metal pieces in her body, but the gigantic enormous camel was really cool as well. That was some cool shit.


dreaming of HAM!

Well, it’s the beginning of fall here in beautiful Portland and that can mean only one thing: HAM! Well soup anyway. There’s a ham waiting to be cooked and eaten as part of hamfest ’07 part deux. Then, after a few days, there will be split pea soup!! Delicious, thick split pea soup. I love soup season. And ham, yeah, ham.


Why the hell is school so expensive here? Back in CA I could take a class for $100-150, and that’s WITH BOOKS! For each accounting class it will be $550, just lovely. I’m so very close to fulfilling my lifelong dream of accountancy. Herbert, you will not have died in vain!!

Update: I will not be an accountant.

weird at work

Has anyone ever felt like they were having a flashback while completely sober at work? This afternoon at work I was speaking to someone at work and it was almost like I was looking too closely. It was like that scene in that movie where the guys face just strokes out and melts off of one side. I think it was a strange migraine because just before I saw half of his face go slack for just a second. Also, his face got all red right around his right eye, and then BLAMMO! Melty face. It freaked me out so badly that I had to look away to make sure I wasn’t flipping out.

The best part? After work, my friend (who also works with me-god help her) said, “Heidi, I thought so-and-sos face was going to melt off at work today.”