patience grasshopper

Yummy, Montage for lunch. I was the receipient of a giant enormous dragonfly, which is now crushed into the narsty fridge here at work. Audrey was lucky enough to receive a giant grasshopper, too bad they creep her out so much. Love my leftovers!!




Good morning! Here’s some wee cute latte art, magically delicious. Especially alongside a cheddar bacon scallion scone. Bakery Bar, I sure am going to miss you. Sooner than later, I hope.


total eclipse of the sloe gin fizz

Last night was a delightful lunar eclipse, this picture came from the internet as I was not able to view it myself due to being asleep. I shoulda stayed up to view it with the cute squirrels, oh well. For my belated birthday I would like approximately one of them.

Tried a sloe gin fizz for the first time last night, that was great. Was compared to: (me) sweet tarts, (aaron) bottlecaps, (caleb) some other kind of candy that i can’t actually recall now. Yummy.


happy birthday Gabe!

Yesterday was also our dear friend Gabe’s birthday! To celebrate, we had dinner at Miss Delta and a few too many whiskeys at the Crow Bar. After a measly 6 1/2 hours of alcohol converting to sugar I was ready for work today, sort of. Nuff said.

Gabe is getting his tattoo on Friday to comemmorate the fact that he’s a bit closer to 30. Ahh, the follies of youth.


Update: No tattoo, can I just say chicken?

moustache power?

Can it be? I think I’m weak for a well-formed moustache! Not too bushy, but well-defined and sort of interesting? This is some new scary sort of thing for me, geez. Just a bit late for spring fever dontcha think?

In other news: making a terrific jacket at home (sewing) and hoping for completion by the weekend. Also, Gogol Bordello at the Crystal on the 31st, a week from Friday. Who’s with me? Audrey, I know you are. I must send out yet another nod to the snappy dressers who feed and caffeinate me daily. You know who you are.

apron fest ’07

This is an adorable ruffled apron made of vintage, recycled, and current fabrics.

The top tier is a vintage linen look fabric that features candies and gumball machines.

The second tier is a vintage cotton calico print that features adorable tiny peach bunny rabbits and polka dots.

The third tier features some lovely pink and yellow flowers with green leaves. It’s a 40s reproduction print.

The fourth tier is vintage cotton print that features apples and strawberries.

The waistband and apron are made from an old cowboy shirt that was destined to be given away, a really great grey, pink, and red plaid.

This apron measures 14″ long total from the waistband to the bottom of the fourth tier. It is 26″ across at its widest point. The ties are each 27″ and the waistband part in the middle is 19″ long. This is a medium/large/XL sized apron.

If you need gift wrap just let me know, I’ll do it for free!