giant box of presents for me

Oh Keri Keri! You’re so very sweet to me! Thank you for hugetastic box o’vintage patterns that I just received! Now I don’t want to prepare for the cocktail party tonight, I just want to look at all of them. Whee!



work work work

Alright, I’m back. It’s not that I think I’m more interesting now, it’s that my personal standards for interesting-ness are now lower than ever before. Whee! This is what is in the middle drawer of my file cabinet at work. You see my precious precious rubber band ball, begun just the other day. It’s a tradition I have in office jobs: decide to stay and work there, but ONLY if a rubber band ball project is begun at the beginning of employment. Then, a few days, weeks, months or years later, present said rubber band ball to boss upon leaving the company. It gets em every time.


more things were said

Me: “Do you, Audrey, take this foot massage machine and this mint julep to be your lawfully wedded appliance and drink?”

Audrey: “I do.”

She has decided to hyphenate, Audrey Bekeny-Julep-Machine. She’s lucky that Charlene wasn’t around because she could actually make that shit legal.

–04/12/07 Update to the Audrey marrying/naming issue. She is now further hyphenated as Audrey Bekeny-Julep-Machine-Amore after the amore pizza we had at scholls last night.

current obsession

Alright, not that exciting in white, but just imagine in it in COLOR! Orange and green! Green and orange! Blue! Black! Pink on pink, silver! I’m nuts for this scarfy thingie, just in time for no one to need one anymore! Regardless, if you know of someone who would like one of these, drop me a line, I’ve got a bunch and I’m feeling generous!