tool belts

Fancy-ass tool belt. Made awhile ago by myself. Might make more, I sure do love having ALL of my stuff right where i need it. Two pair of scissors, measuring tape, this pony, a cupcake, and 47 pens. Is this my kind of a pocket protector or what?



happy lunar new year, or the day i discovered Blackthorne

Today, in celebration of the lunar New Year, we spent the day at an Irish pub in downtown Portland. It turns out that the whopping 6 buildings that comprise Chinatown, Portland, USA were done celebrating by 11 am and we missed it all. On the upside, I discovered a delicious cider that is 9% alcohol.

Also, I accidentally spit gum out of my mouth when Audrey made a Bob Marley joke. We were in a store, and the gum still had a bubble when it landed. The store personnel were most likely outraged, I was and continue to be proud.



Oh. My. Gawd! Funny. Right now I’m watching my dog bark his head off at my brother. Not much has EVER been funnier. Except for maybe earlier tonight when my own dog tried to chew my arm off in front of everyone. That was funny too. Rawk on Chico!



How bout hamwad? Anyone out there for hamwad as the new best thing to call someone?

Also, is it appropriate to give your kitty a noogie if he’s being annoying?

lalala, cute cute cute!


Got a matching skull and crossbones tattoo! For those of you who know me, you’ll remember that I’ve got the matching fella on the other arm, covered in some Japanese water etc. Whee! Also got some work done on my back and more to come on Friday!!

Also done today: bowling AND pool! Weird. Sorry, the picture above is kind of too up close and looks gross but really this is just the cutest thing ever!!